Media Consumption during Shelter in Place – Part 1

Like many during the COVID-19 pandemic my media consumption has gone up. This is intended to be the first in a series of updates sharing what I am listening/reading/watching during the outbreak.


To Be Taught If Fortunate

About: In the future, instead of terraforming planets to sustain human life, explorers of the galaxy transform themselves.

Mini review: Interesting take on space exploration. Nice, quick read.


About: A near-future technological thriller, in which a charismatic billionaire recruits a team of adventurers to launch the first deep space mining operation–a mission that could alter the trajectory of human civilization.

Mini review: Another space book but one that does feel not too far off from being possible. The isolation of the explorers as fits in with the current moment of sheltering at home. If you have enjoyed any of Suarez’s other books, you will like this.

Atomic Habits

About: No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving–every day. James Clear, one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation, reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

Mini review: I am going to have to read this a second time for this all to sink in.


The Daily – Doing a great job covering the pandemic

The Ezra Kline Show – In-depth discussions with experts

Social Distance – A new podcast from The Atlantic discussing the real impacts to our lives that the pandemic is causing

Book of Basketball 2.0 – Picking back up with a fun gimmick of redoing NBA drafts


These are a bit kid heavy at the moment

Frozen 2 – Almost as good as the original

Emma (2020) – Visually great, nice modern adaptation

Pokemon Detective Pikachu – Overly convoluted, but fun seeing all the different Pokemon come to life

Onward – Good, not great by Pixar’s standard, but enjoyable

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – This is not a good movie.


Doctor Who (season 12) – Continuing to enjoy this particular run with Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor

Tiger King – Words cannot describe this show